SmartSky enters final phase of inflight network deployment using 5G technology

SmartSky Networks announces that it has initiated the final site completion phase of its next generation Air-to-Ground (ATG) network for business and commercial aviation, launching later in 2019.  

SmartSky’s airborne network, which began its nationwide deployment a few years ago, incorporates many 5G wireless technologies that have been experienced during a large number of highly successful inflight demonstrations for the media and market. The company’s unique technology has received the critical threshold regulatory certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission.

SmartSky’s track record of innovation speaks for itself. “We are able to provide customers an experience inflight comparable to their in-home experience. We have 128 patents granted and another 90 pending to protect the many innovations required to make a next generation network live up to customer expectations,” said SmartSky Chairman and CEO Haynes Griffin. “Further, SmartSky agrees with the market that cybersecurity is critical to business, and therefore we won’t put our customers’ data at risk. by relying on Chinese companies such as ZTE.” ZTE has been under significant scrutiny by the U.S. government. 

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