ADSoftware issues mobile applications to complement maintenance information system Airpack

To support maintenance and supply chain operations, ADSoftware is now offering a logbook application and a mechanic-oriented application.

eLOG is the electronic logbook solution. It’s been used by pilots at one of ADSoftware’s largest customer (approximately 80 A/C). One of the strengths of the solution is that it is fully integrated with the existing desktop applications, making every flight input easier. All the flight times are reviewed and signed off by each pilot before being transferred to the database directly from the mobile device, hence eliminating the need for paper-based communication. The app also allows to fill in complaints that will then be reviewed by maintenance and treated maintenance tasks. Digitalizing this workflow saves time, paper and reduces mistakes or omissions. The application is interfaced with pilots and mechanics qualifications database giving an added layer of safety to the operator.

eWORK is the application that mechanics can use to collect work orders that have been assigned to them. They will see their tasks and they can access the relevant documentation. If they need material or tooling, they can place their request on the app. The time they spend to perform their work is monitored and uploaded in the database. This allows to have a comprehensive view of the costs of an action and makes it easy to invoice it to customers (or to perform financial analysis of production processes).

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