Locatory.com launches aircraft engine stands leasing for MROs and airlines

©Locatory.com launches new service, engine stands leasing

Locatory.com, an aviation IT company primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator, is continuously looking for opportunities in rapidly growing aviation market and always suggest new solutions for its clients. The company is spreading its services portfolio not just with IT solutions but also with actual physical additions that would improve the work for MROs and airlines. Now, Locatory.com introduces their new service – aircraft engine stands leasing.

The company starts its service by providing two options – stands for CFM56A/B and CFM56-7 engines. Locatory.com will offer a high-quality equipment lease for a preferred period so that the clients all around the world could productively carry out maintenance operations. The engine stands will be checked and certified according to the highest standards and quality requirements. In addition, the company will offer worldwide shipping services for all leasing orders.

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