CFM resolves LEAP backlog but cautious about increasing output

With Boeing reducing its output of the 737 MAX which is powered by CFM LEAP engines, CFM International has seized the opportunity to wipe out the current backlog of engine deliveries to Boeing. With Boeing reducing MAX output to 42 units per month as opposed to a previous rate of 52 and also deferring a planned increase to 57 units per month, not only has CFM resolved its deliver backlog to Boeing, but it has also closed the gap on engine delays for the Airbus A320neo which is powered by either the CFM LEAP engine or the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan.

However, with Boeing seeking an optimum output of 57 MAXs per month and Airbus looking to ramp up production of the A320neo from a current 60 aircraft per month to 63, CFM Chief Executive Gael Meheust was more cautious about the engine maker’s capabilities of meeting any increased demand. Commenting on the situation, Meheust said: “We always want to commit on things we are sure we are going to accomplish. We would be very uncomfortable in committing to something that we are not completely sure of, and right now we are not sure that the supply chain is capable of doing more than it is doing today.”

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