Mackay named second site in Queensland for Qantas Group Pilot Academy

With the first Qantas Group Pilot Academy due to become operational this September at Toowoomba, Southern Queensland, Australia, Qantas Group has announced that a second pilot training academy is to be built at Mackay, Queensland. The location was chosen primarily for its high proportion of clear-weather days, access to uncongested airspace, good support infrastructure and its appealing location to attract both students and training staff. This now draws to a conclusion the choice for the two pilot academies from an initial list of 60 potential sites.

The creation of the two academies is part of Qantas Group’s strategy to create a strong supply of trained pilots over the coming years. Estimates put the future demand for new, qualified pilots at 790,000 on a global basis over the next 20 years, with one in three of those operating in the Asia Pacific region.

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