Safran appoints John O’Donnell CEO of Safran Aerosystems

John O'Donnell

Effective July 1, 2019, John O’Donnell has been named Chief Executive Officer of Safran Aerosystems. O’Donnell started his career in 1987 at Air Cruisers, successively holding the positions of design engineer, manufacturing engineering supervisor and Vice President of Engineering. In 2008, John O’Donnell was named President of Air Cruisers Company (now Safran Evacuation Systems). From 2015 until this latest appointment, John O’Donnell was CEO of Zodiac Aerosafety Systems (now Safran Aerosafety).

At the same time Sébastien Weber has been named Chief Executive Officer of Safran Passenger Solutions. Weber started his career in 1996 at ECE (which later became Zodiac Aero Electric). He held several different positions before moving to the Services branch in Hong Kong, and then created Zodiac Services Asia in Singapore in 2008. He moved to the Cabin branch in 2011 as business development manager, working with airlines. In 2012 he joined Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems in Carson, California. From 2016 until this latest appointment, he was CEO of the Fluid and Water & Waste Division.

O’Donnell and Weber also become members of the Safran Executive Committee.

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