GKN Fokker Services and Spectralux sign exclusive distributor agreement

GKN Fokker Services and Spectralux Avionics have combined forces to ensure sufficient availability of capable systems to satisfy the demand of CPDLC systems and installation.

There are less than 250 days left to comply with the February 2020 mandate to install Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) capability on all civil aircraft flying in European airspace at FL285 and above. The DLINK+ system was recently upgraded to Mod status 5, which makes it fully compatible with the EU requirements for CPDLC. The DLINK+, which is compatible with the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), is available for installation on all modern aircraft types such as Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Airbus A320. Currently, just a small percentage of aircraft flying in Europe are reported to be CPDLC capable. The remainder of the aircraft operating in Europe also need to have a compliant solution installed by 5 Feb 2020.

The DLINK+ solution offered by Spectralux and GKN Fokker Services provides a cost competitive alternative to the OEM solution. Therefore demand for this system and its installation is expected to grow significantly in the next few months.

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