Lufthansa Group Airlines welcome around 14.6 million passengers in July 2019


In July 2019, the Lufthansa Group airlines welcomed around 14.6 million passengers. This shows an increase of 3.3% compared to the previous year’s month. Capacity was up 2.5% over the previous year and traffic increased by 3.1%. In addition as compared to July 2018, the seat load factor increased by 0.6 points to 86.9%.

The Network Airlines including Lufthansa German Airlines, SWISS and Austrian Airlines carried more than 10.6 million passengers in July – 4% more than in the prior-year period. Compared to the previous year, capacity increased by 3.8% in July. traffic was up by 4.6% over the same period, with an increasing seat load factor by 0.6 points to 87.1%.

In July, the strongest passenger growth of the network airlines was recorded at Lufthansa’s hub in Zurich with 6.5%. The number of passengers increased by 5.7% in Vienna and by 5.3% in Munich. In Frankfurt, however, the number of passengers decreased slightly; there was a decline of 0.4%.

Lufthansa German Airlines transported more than 6.9 million passengers in July, a 2.8% increase compared to the same month last year. A 4.1% increase in capacity corresponds to a 5.1% increase in traffic. The seat load factor rose by 0.9 points year-on-year to 86.9%.

Eurowings (including Brussels Airlines) carried around 4.0 million passengers in July. A 3.1% decline in capacity in July was offset by a 2.9% decline in traffic, resulting in a seat load factor of 86.2%, which is 0.2 points higher than the previous year.

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