S7 Technics to maintain Embraer E170s at Irkutsk line station

Embraer E170 ©S7 Technics

S7 Technics’ Irkutsk line station has won approval from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) to provide line maintenance services for the Embraer E170 aircraft type.

Previously, the only facility able to maintain Embraer E170s in Siberia and the Russian Far East was the S7 Technics base at Novosibirk’s Tolmachevo airport where specialists have been performing periodic maintenance checks on the aircraft type for two years.

S7 Technics’ Irkutsk line station won its authorization to perform line maintenance works on the E170 aircraft in August and the organization’s specialists plan to start maintaining the type within the fleet of S7 Airlines – the only Russian operator of the E170 – in September.

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