Liebherr-Aerospace on Board VRT-500

Contract signing at the 16th MAKS Airshow between ©Liebherr Aerospace and VRT

Liebherr-Aerospace has signed an agreement with VR-Technologies, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters, to be the supplier of the environmental control system for their new civil helicopter VRT-500. The agreement to supply the light single-engine multi-purpose VRT-500 helicopter with the environmental control system also includes the cooling system. 

VR-Technologies anticipates the VRT-500’s breadth of application to be quite diverse – from private use, taxiing, tourism, news/media and logistics all the way to rescue and ambulance services. The forecast for deliveries of the VRT-500 is quite solid.  The helicopter was first revealed to the world in 2018.  Liebherr-Aerospace is proud to share the news that they will partner with VR-Technologies which channels the proven expertise in developing helicopters with today`s market demands.

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