F110 engine surpasses 10 million flight hours

©GE F110 engine

GE Aviation’s F110 family of engines has surpassed 10 million flight hours this month. Backed by a continuous infusion of new technology, the F110 remains the engine of choice around the world. It powers almost 70% of today’s most advanced U.S. Air Force F-16C/D aircraft, as well as 86% of F-15s delivered globally in the last 15 years.

The U.S. Air Force plans to replace their current F-15C fleet with the most advanced variant to date, Boeing’s F-15EX. GE’s F110-GE-129 engine is currently fully qualified for the F-15EX and ready to serve the U.S. Air Force Warfighter.

The U.S. Air Force originally procured the F110 engine in 1984 to power a majority of their F-16 fleet. The first GE-powered F-16s went into service in 1987. The F110 also powered the venerable F-14B/D Tomcat. In addition, many other nations around the globe have selected the F110 engine to power their F-16 fleets, as well as variants of the twin-engine F-15 fighter jet. The F110 powers F-16 fleets in Bahrain, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Oman, Turkey and United Arab Emirates and was recently selected by Bulgaria, Slovakia and Taiwan. The F110 powers F-15 fleets in Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Singapore and will power Qatar’s F-15s starting in 2021. The F110 also powers Japan’s F-2 indigenous fighter. To date, 3,400 F110 engines have been ordered worldwide.  

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