Domodedovo Airport enhances slot coordination system

Moscow Domodedovo airport has started deploying Slot Management System software to improve slot allocation, schedules facilitation, and schedule data collection processes.

Moscow Domodedovo is the only Level 2 airport in the Moscow aviation hub according to IATA’s classification. The airport infrastructure provides carriers with greater flexibility to optimize their schedules and manage resources more efficiently. Other Moscow’s air hubs are designated as Level 3 as the demand for airport infrastructure surpasses the declared capacity.
The software consolidates requests submitted through various channels and determines the availability of the requested time, taking both airport and land side capacity into account, and offering alternative slots if necessary. The system files a daily flight plan, based on the seasonal schedule.

On a real-time basis, the system provides Domodedovo airport with information about the actual times of arrival and departure as well as operational variations. This year, in partnership with the Moscow ATC Center, a branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise State ATM Corporation, Moscow Domodedovo has implemented a project to synchronize flight information with the air traffic controller. The software gathers information from air traffic controllers, concerning the actual take-off and landing times, the estimated time of arrival, the final approach course, and the designated runway, as well as including it into the airport’s daily flight plan. Moreover, the system provides facilitators with operational data on flight status.

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