Launch of China Aviation Valuation Advisors (CAVA)

At the 8th China Air Finance Development Summit in Tianjin, Lili Zhou, General Manager, and David Yu, Chairman, of China Aviation Valuation Advisors announced the founding and launch of the first specialist aviation valuation onshore firm in China and the official aviation valuation partner of Tianjin Dongjiang FTP (DJFTP) government.

Leveraging upon the highest level of international expertise, ISTAT and ASA certified appraisers, and fully localized management team, the company provides the missing link for China’s growing aviation finance industry. Uniquely incorporated within Tianjin DJFTP, the firm is expected to support a fleet of over 1,500 aircrafts in Tianjin DJFTP and over 3,500 in China. The newly established expert firm will deliver full-fledged services including asset and enterprise valuation reports, transaction and asset advisory, market intelligence, and support services to investors, lessors and airlines across the Greater China region.

The company currently has offices in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and has local sister companies in Hong Kong (Asia Aviation Valuation Advisors) and Seoul, Korea (Korea Aviation Valuation Advisors) and others in Asia to support local clients with seamless localized communication and greater efficiency.

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