iBASEt launches solution for maintenance repair and overhaul execution

iBASEt, a provider of manufacturing, MRO, and quality software solutions for complex, highly regulated industries, has launched “iBASEt MRO”, its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul software solution for MRO execution at MRO Europe.

“iBASEt MRO” is designed to enable new levels of visibility, velocity, and reliability for maintenance and repair of highly engineered, products that consists of multiple assemblies and have high value and long lifecycles.

The solution serves complex manufacturing OEMs as well as Aerospace and Defense MRO providers who must support ongoing customer demands, rapid engineering changes, and strict compliance requirements. Built upon iBASEt’s software technologies and leveraging 20 years of MRO Operations execution experience, the out-of-the-box solution is designed to provide fast on-boarding and deployment of cost-effective MRO procedures aimed at simplifying the execution of routine and non-routine maintenance tasks. 

“iBASEt MRO” provides operators with a complete history and product genealogy of all critical materials and resources for MRO work plans, along with full traceability of important sustainment operations such as equipment data, serial numbers and inspection results, including those parts supplied by vendors. 

iBASEt’s solution for MRO can integrate with ERP, PLM, and other software to form an eco-system of digital continuity across the enterprise. This differs from massive silos of data and disconnected systems that are hard to use, expensive to maintain and complex to deploy.

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