Aery Aviation to install Fans 1/A and ADS-B for fleet of Boeing 777s

Aery Aviation is scheduled to complete major upgrades to a fleet of Boeing 777-200ER aircraft for the installation of FANS1/A and ADS-B Out for each of the aircraft. The multiple B-777 avionics fleet modifications including FANS 1/A and ADS-B Out are expected to begin during Q4 2019 and finish up in Q1 of 2020, with thirty days estimated for the total elapsed installation time per aircraft.

Aery intends to utilize an existing FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), adding the Boeing 777 as a new model to the AML STC. Work will be completed by Aery’s experienced team of avionics technicians and engineers at the customer’s location during heavy maintenance checks. The work will be performed for an undisclosed International Operating airline.

The non-integrated FANS 1/A and ADS-B Out method is a cost-effective solution meeting all regulatory requirements for other global B-777 operators. “Aery intends to market this capability and product to the marketplace upon completion of its initial order, installation, and certification,” says Ken Walton, Aery’s Director of Commercial Business Development.

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