CAE introduces CAE TRAX Academy

©CAE TRAX Academy

CAE has introduced the CAE TRAX Academy, an integrated and advanced training continuum designed to deliver faster and more efficient throughput for military student pilot training. 

CAE also launched the CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) trainer, an integral part of the CAE TRAX Academy, to enable self-paced learning in an immersive, high-fidelity virtual environment. The CAE Sprint VR trainer comes complete with virtual reality headset, haptics, physical flight controls, CAE Medallion image generator, and CAE virtual coach, in addition to leveraging CAE Rise (real-time insights and standardized evaluations) for objective grading and assessment.

“Global militaries are faced with a current and growing challenge to produce pilots faster and more efficiently without impacting the quality standards that military pilot training has become known for,” said Joe Armstrong, Vice President, Global Business Operations – Product & Solutions, CAE. “Today’s digital technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and data analytics are enabling a new approach to pilot training that is more self-paced and tailored to student learning. As a leading training systems integrator, the CAE TRAX Academy is CAE’s answer to redefining how military student pilots learn, practice and then perform on the journey to becoming a pilot.”

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