Field Aerospace delivers Sherpa avionics upgrade ahead of schedule

Sherpa taxiing ©Field Aerospace

Field Aerospace has completed the U.S. Forest Service SD3-60 avionics upgrade on the sixth of ten aircraft 17 days ahead of schedule.

Implementing efficiencies and lessons learned from the previous Sherpa flight deck integrations shaved off 17 days from the planned integration schedule, garnering kudos from the U.S. Forest Service. Field Aerospace expects the next four Sherpa modernizations to follow the compressed modification schedule as well.

Field Aerospace obtained the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for this avionics upgrade, which modernizes the aging smokejumper’s flight deck and improves its mission capabilities, in September 2018. Field Aerospace developed and integrated the modernized flight deck, conducted FAA-witnessed ground and flight tests, and completed the STC certification. Field’s FAA-authorized Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) issued the STC for the first Sherpa.

The next aircraft is currently in work at Field’s Oklahoma City facility. Field Aerospace previously completed five Sherpa upgrades, four as part of the original base contract and one for the current option contract. Three additional aircraft will be modified, for a total of ten on the base and option contracts.

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