Air Navigation Solutions selects SITTI voice communications for Gatwick and Edinburgh ATC

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U.K. air traffic management provider Air Navigation Solutions (ANS), has signed a contract with SITTI, supplier of voice communication systems (VCS), to enhance the air traffic management infrastructure at Edinburgh and Gatwick Airports.

ANS is deploying SITTI’s MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication and Control Systems as the VCS at both of ANS’ UK airport operations, and with it upgrading the air traffic control (ATC) infrastructure at Gatwick Airport and Edinburgh, Scotland, airport.

SITTI is a leading supplier of voice communication systems worldwide, with the most technologically advanced architecture, fully compliant to the latest international standards. SITTI’s global presence includes a large base of installed VCS and ancillary equipment with services in military and civilian air traffic control, as well as public and private strategic emergency services, police, fire and ambulance services and control room management.

The proven MULTIFONO® M800IP® systems have undergone countless interoperability tests around the globe and are installed at many major airports worldwide. The system offers advanced interfacing capabilities, reliability and flexibility. The primary VCS systems are equipped with interface units to connect digital and analogue radios and telephones and convert them into standard ED 137 VOIP links.

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