Pattonair’s Zero-Lead-Time Agile Vending solution deployed for UMW Aerospace

Aerospace and defense supply chain provider, Pattonair, has successfully deployed its Zero-Lead-Time Agile Vending solution for UMW Aerospace at the Malaysian aerospace engine component manufacturer’s site at Serendah, Selangor, which produces fan cases for the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine. 

Agile Vending is an innovative Zero-Lead-Time product developed by Pattonair, building on its expertise in supplying C-class parts, to optimize efficiency and reduce operational disruption and downtime.

Pattonair has a strategic relationship with UMW Aerospace under a five-year agreement signed in 2016 for supply chain services.  The introduction of Agile Vending is part of a key service development focusing on innovation and technology for site-based inventory. 

Agile Vending can be customized to each user’s requirement with optional levels of automation.  The UMW system is connected via an Intelligent Inventory Management System to provide real-time inventory allocation and replenishment.  

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