DAE reports full-year 2019 financial results

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) has reported its financial results for the full-year 2019.

DAE reported total revenue of US$1,421.3 million for 2019, compared to US$1,436.6 million in 2018. Profit before tax was US$413.6 million compared to US$428.8 million the previous year.

Pre-tax profit margin was 29.1% in 2019, 29.8% in 2018. DAE reported pre-tax return on equity of 12.6% for full-year 2019 compared to 12.8% for full- year 2018.

Net debt-to-equity was 2.64x in 2019, at year-end 2018 2.57x. Unsecured debt as a percentage of total debt was 62% in 2019, at year-end 2018 46%. DAE reported available liquidity of US$2,404 million for full-year 2019 compared to US$1,558 million at year-end 2018.

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