Airbus to recommence production after four-day shut down, but at a slower pace

Airbus plants in France and Spain are to “partially resume” production after a four-day intermission while the overall effects of the COVID-19 were assessed in relation to working practices within the company, and to allow for deep cleaning of production lines. However, the work will be at a much slower rate and production practices have had to be altered to be compliant with “distancing” advice and regulations.

The Airbus plants are responsible for producing parts critical to the operating procedures at other Airbus factories, including those in the U.K., Germany, China and the U.S.

France’s CGT union was critical of the move, indicating that such a move put not only Airbus factories and surrounding populations at risk, but also those of a wider supply. It made it very clear that workers should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not to return to work.

While others involved in manufacturing parts have been doing the same as Airbus, there is still no guarantee that further problems could lead to another breakdown of the whole supply chain.

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