Václav Havel Airport handles more than 40 special cargo flights with medical supplies on board in a month

©Prague Airport cargo unloading

Václav Havel Prague Airport remains open for all arrivals and departures. Thanks to this fact, a total of 44 special cargo flights with medical supplies have been able to land there since March 20, 2020, when the first aircraft with medical supplies on board landed in Prague.

More than 1,200 tons of medical aid in total has already reached the Czech Republic. The total volume of cargo handled at Prague Airport, including regular cargo routes, has increased by 26.5% year-on-year during this period. Since March 18, 2020, Prague Airport has also handled a total of 33 arrivals and departures of repatriation flights with passengers on board. More than 3,600 passengers, mostly Czech citizens returning home to their families and loved ones from abroad, have arrived in the Czech Republic aboard those flights. Moreover, approximately 900 foreign nationals have been able to travel back home from the Czech Republic this way.

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