Eirtech Aviation Services expands scope to include flight test approvals

Eirtech has announced that EASA has approved an expansion in capabilities to permit the approval of flight tests. Flight tests are sometimes required by EASA and the FAA for demonstration of compliance for aircraft modifications.

When requested, Eirtech can now provide a turnkey solution for customers which would include; developing a flight test plan, approving test conditions, taking part in the test flight and ultimately approving the performance of the modification.

Director of Engineering, Keith McKerchar said “While flight testing can be expensive, in some cases it is needed to support a specific customer requested modification to the aircraft. This new privilege will allow Eirtech to define the requirements and perform all the necessary testing to support the more significant modifications being requested by our customers. Having this internal capability allows Eirtech to control the test program without the involvement of another approved test house, and hence control the costs and timings of any tests”.

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