Finnair carried 16,100 passengers in April, 98.7% less than the previous year

In April, Finnair carried 16,100 passengers which is 98.7% less than in the corresponding period of 2019. The overall capacity (ASK) decreased in April by 97.0%. Finnair’s traffic decreased by 99.1%, while the passenger load factor decreased year-on-year by 57.5% points to 23.9%.

All traffic figures were heavily impacted by the significant coronavirus-related capacity reductions, which were visible especially in the North Atlantic figures as there were no flights to North America in April.

The ASK decline in Asian traffic was 99.4% and North Atlantic capacity decreased by 100.0%. In Europe the ASKs were down by 93.2% and ASKs in domestic traffic decreased by 96.1%.

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