Pro Star Aviation connects PC-24 with Gogo AVANCE L5

Pro Star Aviation, a premier innovative aerospace modification facility, has completed the first installation of the new Gogo AVANCE L5 into a Pilatus PC-24 aircraft. The Gogo AVANCE L5 was an upgrade from the factory-installed ATG-2000, delivering high-speed 4G aircraft connectivity enabling passengers and crew access to video streaming, web/email, voice/text, and more.

Pro Star Aviation was able to complete the installation in under two weeks using FAA-approved data. Pro Star Aviation has a team of in-house engineers and a DER which allowed them to create a custom engineering package specifically for the PC-24 aircraft.

The Gogo AVANCE L5 is a single unit configuration, with a 4G network that allows for up to 40 devices to connect simultaneously. The AVANCE L5 provides broadband connectivity to keep passengers and crew connected while in the air. Browsing and secure connections such as corporate VPN access, adds value to the aircraft.

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