AKKA and Avianor join forces to offer EASA-approved Passenger-to-Freighter solution

AKKA Technologies and Avianor, the majority-owned affiliates of DRAKKAR’s Aerospace & Ground Transportation Division, have signed a collaboration agreement for Avianor’s Passenger-to-Freighter conversion solution, certified by the Canadian civil aviation authority (TCCA), and already embodied on several wide-body aircraft.

In order to promote this solution to international markets, AKKA Technologies and Avianor have signed a framework agreement to certify the solution with the widely adopted European Union Aviation & Safety standards. As a leading global aerospace MRO & Cabin Modification player, AKKA Technologies is among the few companies able to provide comprehensive certification services by delegation to support the aerospace industry and its operators.

Avianor, an aircraft maintenance and cabin integration specialist, developed an engineering solution and associated kits to remove passenger seats from an airline’s aircraft and designate cargo loading zones for light weight boxes restrained with cargo nets. For a Boeing 777- or Airbus A330-type aircraft, such modifications can be embodied within four days, providing the aircraft with additional cargo capacity of up to 19 tons. This modification can be easily extended to other aircraft types, providing most airlines and operators with an easy and comprehensive solution.

The agreement between AKKA & Avianor will also give AKKA the ‘rights to use’ this engineering solution, in order to respond to the urgent cargo conversion demand worldwide. While AKKA will support airlines requiring EASA certification, Avianor will continue to support airlines requiring TCCA certification and supply conversion kits for both EASA and TCCA customers.

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