GE Aviation awarded US$394 million by DLA for J85 engine supplies

GE Aviation has been awarded a US$394 million contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to provide J85 engine supplies for the United States Air Force and Navy. The work will be carried out by GE Aviation’s facility in Lynn, MA, and across GE’s U.S. supply chain sites.

The DLA classifies the new contract as part of its Captains of Industry (COI) program, which uses Supplier Capability Contracts to streamline the procurement process.

Since entering service in 1959, the J85 engine has reliably powered military aircraft including the T-38, F-5, T-2C, and A-37B, accumulating more than 75 million hours. More than 13,000 engines have been produced and the J85 operates in 28 countries.

The J85-powered T-38 is the USAF’s primary pilot training aircraft. The single-shaft axial-flow turbojet engine with an eight-stage compressor section and two-stage turbine gives the T-38A a top speed of Mach 1.3.

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