BA reconfigures Boeing 777 interiors to increase cargo capacity

©British Airways reconfigures interior of two Boeing 777 aircraft for cargo operations

British Airways has removed the seats and stripped the interiors of two of its grounded Boeing 777-200 fleet so the aircraft can operate as freighters and carry even more crucial cargo around the world.

The first voyage of one of these aircraft in its new configuration will be to Beijing where it will collect PPE for the NHS. The aircraft will also be used to carry other essential goods like food and medicine to the U.K. where required, alongside regular commercial shipments.

With demand for passenger travel still very low, working with IAG Cargo, British Airways is trying to use its grounded aircraft in creative ways to support in the global fight against Covid-19.

In March, the airline began operating cargo-only services with no passengers, carrying cargo solely in the hold. In April, British Airways started carrying cargo on its seats, while these recent changes – removing all passenger seats and stripping the interiors – will mean these aircraft now have space for an extra 100 m³ of cargo on each flight.

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