Magnetic MRO conducts first virtual aircraft inspection

Magnetic MRO, a Total Technical Care and asset management organization, has announced the recent successful completion of its first virtual inspection of an aircraft, as part of pre-lease preparations. This inspection signifies the industry’s resilience and ability to adapt to the changed norms in the aviation industry.

Since the global COVID-19 hit the globe and paralyzed air traffic, the aviation industry became one of the hardest-hit industries. As many countries imposed lockdowns, asset sales are almost frozen – this also includes some procedures that were previously deemed as routine for MROs. The process of asset liquidation is just one of the areas that have been challenged by the restriction of movement; however, modern tools and innovative solutions can be adapted in order to proceed with such tasks, at least to a certain extent. That is the approach taken by Magnetic MRO – the company has recently completed its first virtual inspection as physical inspection was not possible during the given times.

Performed by the company’s engineering department, the inspection was executed with the preparation of video material of both the airframe and interior. During the virtual inspection, a structured file system was implemented, allowing a potential customer to efficiently locate and analyze any aircraft section. As a company representative stated, this test inspection allows clients to receive all needed information without physically being present and will be used for future inspections both when travel restrictions are in place and in other cases when physical inspections are not possible.

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