DAS/FLITE combine capabilities

Dallas Aeronautical Services (DAS) and FLITE Components (FLITE) will now work in conjunction with one another as sister companies supporting a wide range of composite and aerostructure repairs.

The joint efforts and capabilities shared between DAS and FLITE will provide a stronger foundation of services available to all commercial, regional and corporate aircraft customers. This will also allow both companies to build on their favorable industry reputations within their specialized aviation markets. Both DAS and FLITE provide a wide spectrum of composite and aerostructure repair capabilities and are centrally located in the Dallas, TX area for the convenience of the customer.

DAS (Dallas Aeronautical Services) and FLITE Components are affiliates of West Star Aviation. Both FAA- and EASA-approved Part 145 Repair Station locations are centrally located in Dallas, TX for customer convenience.

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