S7 Technics to start producing tactile stickers in braille for aircraft interiors

©S7 starts producing tactile stickers in Braille for aircraft interiors

S7 Technics specialists are the first in Russia who have released sets of stickers in braille, which will be used to equip the cabins of aircraft of Russian airlines.

In accordance with the Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport No. 290 dated 02.08.2018, which sets out the requirements of the Federal Agency for Air Transport of the Russian Federation (Rosaviatsia) for aircraft purchased on the basis of contracts concluded after January 1, 2020 by operators carrying out commercial passenger transportation. According to these requirements, the rows of passenger seats and the doors of toilet rooms in the cabin of aircraft must be marked with tactile markings.

Most of the time in the stickers production cycle is spent on the development and preparation of engineering and technical documentation; this is done by the S7 Technics design bureau at Novosibirsk. The stickers are printed on a special film approved by the Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturers using a piezoelectric spray method. On average, there are about 160 stickers per aircraft.

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