APOC Aviation closes fifth deal in 2020 and acquires another A320 for teardown

APOC Aviation has purchased another A320 family airframe for teardown. Built in 2000, the aircraft was last operated in Europe and it is the fifth narrow-body acquisition that APOC has successfully closed this year.

Funding for the purchase was swiftly secured through private placement.  It is anticipated that the first serviceable parts, including landing gear but not engines, will be parted out from the teardown facility in Spain in the fourth quarter of the year.

Jasper van den Boogaard, VP Airframe Acquisition & Trading at APOC Aviation, says the Company is confident it can continue to secure investment for the right assets. “APOC Aviation were quick to seize this opportunity and we had secure financing in place to close the deal.  Even in these difficult times I am pleased to say that, despite the constraints of COVID-19, APOC is able to source and finalize deals for our target aircraft.  If something is for sale, we’ll look at it but I must emphasize that we are focused on the youngest assets at a price we can afford.” Inevitably there will be a decline in the market value of older narrow-body parts – so the A320 and B737 family aircraft APOC Aviation seeks are those equipped with the latest modifications.”

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