GA Telesis Engine Services introduces innovative new technologies RTIS and EIERRIS® for maintenance inspections

GA Telesis Engine Services OY (GATES), the engine heavy maintenance unit of global aviation integrator GA Telesis, has announced a significant upgrade to its customer support services by introducing an innovative Remote Table Inspection Solution (RTIS) to its current and future customers.

As a countermeasure to the global travel difficulties and social distancing resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and as an alternative to an on-site table inspection of engine parts, GATES now offers the Remote Table
Inspection Solution. GATES parent, GA Telesis has also commenced developing Enhanced Integration Extended Reality Remote Inspection Solution (“EIERRIS®” pronounced eye·rus) where the customer will be remotely connected to GATES via a visual device using augmented and mixed reality interactions. The EIERRIS® system will overlay digital information on top of physical objects so users can “see” both at the same time in the context of each other.

The company plans to integrate EIERRIS® in its MRO Services business units as well as its Specialized Procedures Aeroengine Hospital (SPAH) field services operations. The company’s long-term vision is to generate millions in savings for customers by leveraging EIERRIS® to optimize maintenance operations and improve both plant and field service outcomes.

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