Gulfstream doubles down on cabin air purification

The all-new Ionization System complements the Signature Gulfstream Cabin Experience ©Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream Aerospace has announced an additional enhancement to its signature Gulfstream Cabin Experience, further investing in customer health through plasma ionization. The air purification system, which complements Gulfstream’s already 100% fresh-air environment, has proven in lab tests to kill pathogens and allergens.

Gulfstream’s plasma ionization system, which operates whenever the aircraft environmental control system is active, works by emitting positive and negative oxygen ions that actively seek out and inactivate harmful molecules in the air and on surfaces. This process neutralizes particulate matter — not just bacteria and viruses, but also unpleasant odors from organic material like cigarette smoke. 

Even when running solely on an auxiliary power unit, the system produces thousands of ions throughout the entire aircraft, ensuring that cabin air remains pure and surfaces are disinfected while the aircraft is prepared by preflight caterers, cleaning crews and FBO technicians alike.

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