AELS acquires A319 from Bellinger Aviation for disassembly

©AELS has acquired an Airbus A319 for disassembly

Complementing the airframes currently being dismantled, Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) has acquired an Airbus A319 (MSN 1086), from Bellinger Aviation. The aircraft, formerly operated by Brussels Airlines, was flown to AELS’ home-base at Twente Airport, the Netherlands and dismantling has meanwhile begun. USM components will become available from September onwards.

Since 2006 AELS has been buying end-of-life Boeing and Airbus aircraft that the company disassembles at its own facility. AELS handles the entire supply chain for aircraft that reach end-of-life, from disassembly and dismantling, component management to material recycling.

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