NAV CANADA launches remote air traffic services trial with Searidge Technologies

NAV CANADA has commenced a trial to provide Aerodrome Advisory Services (AAS) at Fredericton International Airport (CYFC) remotely from Saint John, New Brunswick (CYSJ) using Searidge Technologies’ Enhanced Airport Vision Display (EAVD). The trial, which integrates the EAVD platform into NAV CANADA’s operational display suite, aims to demonstrate how certified video technology can increase levels of safety, efficiency and flexibility in air traffic services and aircraft operations.

Flight Service Specialists will benefit from increased situational awareness with a clear and real-time view of the airfield operating areas and surrounding airspace, which will support service enhancements such as the control of vehicles on the ground. This remote services trial builds upon past successes with Searidge Technologies, where installations in Red Deer, Kingston, Lethbridge, London, Vancouver and Winnipeg have leveraged camera technologies to enhance operations by providing air traffic services staff with the ability to see beyond line-of-sight obstacles.

The trial, which is anticipated to run until the fall, has received Transport Canada approval and will assess safety and efficiency benefits of the new service enhancements enabled through aviation-grade video capability.

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