Honeywell and Aerion collaborate on flight deck for new AS2 Supersonic Jet

©Honeywell and Aerion collaborate on flight deck for new AS2 Supersonic Jet

Supersonic aircraft company Aerion and Honeywell Aerospace are progressing through the joint definition phase for the Avionics and Connectivity suite of the new AS2 Supersonic Business Jet.

“Honeywell Aerospace is the definitive leader in cutting-edge avionics technology, and we are delighted to continue our long-standing collaboration,” says Aerion’s CEO, Chairman & President, Tom Vice. “We appreciate the considerable investment in resource that Honeywell has made in our program, and we look forward to continued collaboration as we work with our global supply team to bring the AS2 into production.”

Upon completion of commercial and programmatic agreement, the avionics suite being developed for the AS2 will represent the next generation of avionics suites for business aircraft featuring Honeywell’s next-generation, state-of-the-art flight deck, Honeywell’s advanced connectivity solutions and Honeywell Forge platform.

Aerion and Honeywell began their formal collaboration in 2018, working on preliminary design of the AS2’s avionics systems. Joining the project in the formative stages, Honeywell’s expertise is helping shape a new bespoke avionics system for the AS2.

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