First ever purpose-built regional freighter takes flight

First flight of ATR's new purpose-built regional freighter aircraft ©ATR

Regional aircraft manufacturer ATR has reported the successful first flight of its new purpose-built regional freighter aircraft. The flight took off at its Saint-Martin site and lasted two hours. During the flight, crew onboard performed several tests to measure the new aircraft’s flight envelope and flight performance.

The first aircraft will be delivered to FedEx Express, one of the world’s largest cargo airlines and express transportation companies, which placed a firm order for 30 aircraft, plus 20 options, in November 2017.

The brand-new straight-from-factory cargo aircraft will offer a number of unique advantages to operators. With a large cargo door included as part of the original design and the same wide cross section as all ATR aircraft, the freighter will be able to accommodate bulk cargo and industry-standard pallets and containers. The aircraft will also provide operators with the very latest avionics suite, which can be continuously upgraded.

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