Avia Solutions Group appoints new CEO to lead Pilot Training Centre – BAA Training China

Vytautas Ledakas

Vytautas Ledakas is the newly appointed CEO of BAA Training China – a modern aviation training center planned to be equipped with six full flight simulators (FFS) and part of a Joint Venture (JV) established in 2019 by Avia Solutions Group (ASG) and Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company (HNCA). His appointment will entail the management and development of the center’s pilot training operations.

The newly appointed CEO will seek to accomplish the ambitious goals and KPI’s of  BAA Training China. This will include the management and development of the Joint Venture Company, the implementation of the franchise business model into the daily operations of the center, and establishing management and finance policies, purchase and sales procedures and plans to build a new business network globally. Another essential objective will be the strengthening of the partnership with the business‘ co-owner the Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Company, to ensure smooth and long-term cooperation and business development.

The new CEO of BAA Training China has commenced his duties on October 1, 2020.

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