S7 Technics carries out complex work on dismantling the keel of a cargo Boeing 737

S7 Technics specialists dismantling the aircraft's keel ©S7 Technics

S7 Technics has carried out complex work on dismantling the keel of a cargo Boeing 737 aircraft in the framework of a C-check. Until 2012, the aircraft flew as a passenger aircraft and was then converted into a cargo aircraft and transferred to ATRAN airlines.

Aeronautical Engineering (AEI) developed the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), an additional type certificate that confirms that a modification of a typical aircraft design meets aviation requirements.

During the C-check maintenance of the cargo Boeing 737, part of the elements of the power structure of the aircraft was replaced – the longitudinal and transverse floor beams of the main cargo deck. S7 Technics logistics specialists were tasked with finding and delivering elements in a special modification for the converted aircraft on time.

S7 Technics specialists carried out complex work on dismantling the aircraft’s keel to replace the front left attachment point. Four specialists of the engineering center, 18 aircraft technicians, two lifts and a special crane were involved in the process.

Upon completion of all work, pilots from ATRAN airlines performed a test flight from Domodedovo airport to Vnukovo.

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