AJW Group purchases trio of Airbus A330 aircraft for teardown

AJW Group has purchased three Airbus A330-200 aircraft for teardown.  The three ex-Thomas Cook U.K. aircraft, which were manufactured in 1999, are all powered by RB211 Trent 700 engines with GTCP331-350 Auxiliary Power Units.

The aircraft will be disassembled on-site at Manchester Airport. With nearly 90 years of experience at the forefront of the aircraft component supply industry, AJW will manage the disassembly remotely coordinated by an experienced technical team and engine specialists, negating the need to ferry the aircraft to a teardown facility.

Once removed from the fuselage, the A330 components will be recertified at AJW Group’s maintenance hub in Montreal (AJW Technique), OEMs and other strategic vendors.  The inventory will be held at AJW Group’s headquarters in Sussex, England, as well as at strategic global hubs, ready for sale to support AJW Group’s ad-hoc and contracted airline customers. 

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