Magnetic MRO entrusts IT services to BTT Cloud

Magnetic MRO, a Total Technical Care and Asset Management organization, has signed an extended Managed IT and Cloud services agreement with BTT Cloud. BTT Cloud is a managed IT services provider that has been operating successfully for more than a decade.

Since the global pandemic hit the world in early 2020, the digitalization and role of well-balanced IT processes have increased significantly, thus, according to Magnetic MRO’s representatives, such collaboration was a natural step. BTT Cloud has been a partner to Magnetic MRO since 2014 with an overall 13 years’ experience in IT business.  However, before this expanded agreement, BTT Cloud has mainly supported Vilnius-based users and related IT infrastructures. Now BTT Cloud will provide full-scope managed IT services to all employees across the Baltics and will take care of the whole IT and cloud infrastructure that drives all business-critical workloads.

With this strategic partnership, Magnetic MRO aims to work further on standardizing its IT infrastructure and IT services while applying best practices and new technologies. This will enable business growth and provide employees with high-quality, timely support which will allow Magnetic MRO teams to fully focus on their core activities and solutions that create more value to the business.

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