Airbus Helicopters delivers 1,400th H135 helicopter

The light twin-engine helicopter H135 reached a major milestone with the delivery of the 1,400th helicopter ©Airbus Helicopters

At the end of September, Airbus Helicopters delivered its 1,400th H135 helicopter, this one to the French operator Mont Blanc, adding to its fleet of more than 20 H135 and H145 helicopters in service with the operator to provide Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in France.

“As the benchmark for HEMS helicopters, the H135 is the safest, most reliable and most economic platform – arriving at the scene on time…every time,” explained Martin Schneider, Airbus Helicopters’ Head of the H135 program. “There are more than 650 H135s in emergency medical service duties, operated by thousands of pilots and medics who protect and save lives each day.”

Transferring patients from one care centre to another is a complex operation even in the best of times. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to transfer critical care patients has become a crucial in helping to swing the balance in what often are life and death situations, freeing up resources for health care systems under stress.

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