Engine Lease Finance Chief Commercial Officer, Joe O’Brien, to retire

Joseph O'Brien

Joe O’Brien will retire at the end of this year as Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of Engine Lease Finance (ELF). O’Brien joined the company in September 2006 after sixteen years with the then parent
company, BTMU Capital Corporation, including serving as a Board Member of ELF from 2000. Since joining the company as EVP Sales and CCO he led the sales team to more than US$3 billion in engine acquisitions through sale and leaseback, OEM orders and various collaborations.

Julian Jordan, Executive Vice President and Head of New Business has assumed responsibility for all engine acquisitions and management of the sales and marketing team. Joe Hussar, Executive Vice President and Head of Portfolio has assumed responsibility for all remarketing efforts in addition to his roles managing engine sales, collaboration with INAV and capital markets.

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