Aeroji launches Beta version of engine aftermarket platform

On Monday, December 07, 2020, Aeroji, the Berlin-based startup, goes live with the Beta version of its marketplace module. Having secured Kellstrom Aerospace, KG Aircraft Rotables, Onur Material Services,, and Aeras Aviation as Beta users, the team of Aeroji is looking to establish strong and long-lasting relationships with the first users in order to acquire further insights and improvement proposals and develop new features in a flexible, creative and collaborative way apace.

Apart from starting the interactive development process with professionals from the engine aftermarket domain, Aeroji also looks out for professionals from the broader aviation sector to assess integration opportunities and explore ways to provide even more value for its customers.

“All ‘out of the box’ thinkers from the aviation and related industries with experience in digital services and value propositions, streamlining of processes and level 2 integrations are also welcome to join the Beta phase. Furthermore, pilot projects with users who know each other already e.g. Lessor-Airline or Airline-MRO pairs will support the team in developing further functionalities.”, says Dimitri Martel, Co-Founder and managing director of Aeroji.

The Beta is scheduled to last 4 months. In December the service will introduce a playground phase, where all Beta users, those interested in using the platform for asset trading and leasing and also all other supporters can start exploring the platform with all its features. Starting from January 2021 the 3 months operational phase of the Beta will begin with those users interested in engine transactions and with real asset items in the database. “Every interested professional is welcome to join at any time during the Beta phase.”, says Dimitri Martel. Depending on the onboarding point in time within this phase, the users will receive an additional free period bonus after the launch in April 2021 ranging between 1-3 months. The platform will benefit from the growth and provide continuously more value with growing network.

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