Saab and Rolls-Royce to research innovative propulsion sensing technology

Saab and Rolls-Royce are undertaking a joint research program into fibre-optic sensing technologies for aerospace propulsion systems.

Fibre-optic sensing technologies have the potential to provide a novel solution that acquires multiple measurements such as strain, pressure and temperature along a single wire. Compared to existing technologies, this low-weight integrated solution could offer higher temperature and accuracy within the harsh operating environment of an engine. Such advanced measurement systems compliment the journey to the intelligent engine and enhanced data driven engine services. Known as Project FibreSense, this collaborative research program between Rolls-Royce and Saab will develop and demonstrate fibre-optic sensing technology for aerospace propulsion systems.

The research will take place within the Eureka Network projects program as a joint initiative between the Swedish Innovair and the British Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).

Eureka is an international co-operation program supporting collaborative market-oriented research and development projects for innovative products, processes and services. This joint initiative between the U.K. and Sweden aims to develop project proposals which have strong market potential in these countries and globally.

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