Aerion Supersonic selects F/LIST as cabin interior supplier for the AS2

©Aerion AS2 Supersonic jet

Supersonic aircraft company Aerion has selected F/LIST, the internationally renowned manufacturer of high-end interiors for business and private jets, yachts, and luxury residences, to deliver its exclusive products to the AS2 supersonic business jet.

F/LIST will collaborate with Aerion to develop an innovative, ultra-luxury cabin experience in the new AS2 supersonic private jet. F/LIST is working with Aerion to design a modern and luxurious cabin interior, including cabinets, liners, hard floorings and baggage liners. F/LIST currently supports Aerion with its unique expertise in interior engineering, certification support, materials & finishes during the development phase to provide the finest interior to the AS2.

F/LIST has collaborated with Aerion Supersonic on the AS2 program since 2014. The core values and synergies of both companies have paved the way for a successful long-term relationship. Amongst other initiatives, Aerion Supersonic’s commitment to pioneering a future of environmentally sustainable supersonic flight and carbon neutral operations strongly resonates with F/LIST’s vision. F/LIST stands also for climate protection and emissions reductions by using sustainable energy in their production.

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