BAA Training Vietnam and Vietravel Airlines sign long-term partnership agreement

©BAA Training Vietnam Airbus A320 FFS

BAA Training Vietnam and Vietravel Airlines have signed a long-term partnership agreement to actively consolidate reliable and fruitful ties seeking to create value for both organizations.

BAA Training has committed to the startup airline Vietravel, controlled by Vietnam’s leading tour operator Vietravel, to provide wet and dry Airbus A320 full-flight simulator lease services. The first students started training on the Airbus A320 full-flight simulator (FFS) in November 2020. Additionally, Vietravel has expressed interest in the firefighting training which can also be arranged by BAA Training Vietnam. The brand new training device V9000 Commander will be used for these purposes upon request.

Based at Phu Bai International Airport, Vietravel is getting ready to penetrate a fiercely competitive aviation market. Despite the country’s restrictions, the carrier will make its first commercial flight in mid-January 2021, well before the previously set date for 2021. The newcomer plans to order a fleet of three-to-four aircraft in the first year and add another one or two by the end of next year.

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