Honeywell, Sichuan Airlines ink deal on Auxiliary Power Units

Sichuan Airlines has selected the 131-9A APU for its 93 new A320 aircraft ©Honeywell

Sichuan Airlines has selected Honeywell’s 131-9A auxiliary power units (APUs) for its 93 new A320 aircraft that will enter service by 2025. The airline will also replace the APUs on its 141 existing A320 aircraft with the same Honeywell APU.

This is the largest APU retrofit deal in Honeywell’s history. The 131-9A APU will help Sichuan Airlines reduce flight delays and cancelations, creating a more pleasant flying experience for passengers.

An APU is a critical piece of aircraft equipment that provides electrical power and air conditioning while the plane is on the ground. It helps ensure passenger comfort and supplies the air source before a pilot is ready to start the main engines. The 131-9A is known for its reliability and lower maintenance costs over the course of its entire life cycle, resulting in significant fuel savings each year.

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