Historic partnership struck between Etihad Aviation Training and Israir Airlines

Israir ©AirTeamImages

Subsequent to the signing of the Abraham Accords peace agreement, Israer Airlines has signed an agreement with Etihad Aviation Training (EAT), part of which includes a ‘dry lease’ enabling the Israeli carrier to train its pilots on EAT’s Airbus A320 full-flight simulator in Abu Dhabi using its own instructors.

EAT offers a wide range of training products and services, including airline training, type rating, cabin crew safety training, instructor training and cadet programs, and aircraft maintenance training, making it one of the largest training facilities in the Middle East.

“Continuing our commitment to providing highly skilled pilots by offering state-of-the-art training facilities, EAT is looking forward to working with Israir Airlines and is anticipating further collaboration with the airline to cement this landmark agreement,” said Captain La Cava Managing Director Etihad Aviation Training.

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